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Hypocrites and political chameleons shouldn't get a pass.

There's a list of accomplishments "out there" achieved by Sheriff Paul Babeu. Kudos. Those accomplishment are to be admired. However, his character is as much a factor in serving as our sheriff as are his other duties. When a public servant decides to avoid detection of his true character or of questionable incidents resulting from that character's actions, he is committing fraud.  

A Realistic and Promised Expectation by our Forefathers

CEO's see a "world market" and don't see a need to hire US workers or produce their products here.

American citizens see a local market and expect to be hired and to produce products here. And they expect their leaders and bosses to provide the appropriate environment conducive to the realization of these expectations.

To the Naysayers Who Say Our Local Economy is Failing......


SR24 will start construction this Spring. One mile in length, but years in waiting for this relief. However, that one mile will improve access to a large volume of traffic coming from Queen Creek, San Tan Valley and Johnson Ranch, so it is well worth it. I welcome it and the future industries and jobs it will bring. So, please show this to the naysayers who say our local economy is failing......

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